It takes a team... to fulfill a dream.

Our vision is to support those living with Tourette Syndrome with
a service or program of their choice
to help them pursue their dreams.

Here are the ways you can help
make a dream come true:

  • Sponsor a service or program with your donation
  • Provide a service or program with your expertise
  • Send a request… be it a family member, friend, co-worker, or yourself
  • Become a Volunteer

Your support will help fund programs and services including, but not limited to:

physical and occupational therapy, extra-curricular programs, such as martial arts, sports, acting, dance, swimming, animal therapy, art, music, or an area they may choose!

Wishes are dreams we hope for…
people with TS have dreams too!

Help make a dream come true!

We believe to encourage someone, is to inspire them to foster their natural talents and abilities.

Together we are helping people with Tourette Syndrome reach their goals and dreams.

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