Our organization was created to assist all individuals living with Tourette Syndrome and other related conditions, as well as their families. Our mission is to support those with TS reach their full potential and enhance their ability to express themselves, enabling them to achieve the best quality of life possible.

  • Cultivate relationships within our communities, to sponsor children with TS and their families. These include, but are not limited to physical and occupational therapy, extra-curricular programs, martial arts, sports, acting, dance, animal, art and music therapy, or any area of their choice.
  • Continually build and grow our local and nationwide programs within our communities. We believe that these programs help everyone achieve their own personal realm of possibility.
  • There are many ways which may empower those with TS through self-motivation, mental discipline, physical fitness, focus, and encouragement to foster their natural talents or abilities. We believe that these are some of the most important aspects in harnessing the best in those individuals.
  • Provide support for current efforts within the field of neuroscience to help find the cause of Tourette Syndrome. Through advanced research, individuals with TS of all ages will have increased access to groundbreaking medical treatments and new, highly effective therapies designed to help them manage their condition, as well as social and emotional support in coping with the symptoms of TS.
  • We will create and provide resources with a focus on special education and bullying prevention to be used in schools across the country. A chat forum around issues related to bullying will be created that allows professionals to interact with those seeking advice.
  • Virtual therapy support group sessions will also be introduced. Live broadcasts and recorded interviews will be posted on the organization’s YouTube channel. Such interactive virtual settings can be used by individuals with Tourette Syndrome, their families, educators, and others touched by Tourette Syndrome. We will continue to seek grant opportunities and present scholarships through affiliate partnerships.
  • Advocate for education, policy changes in the government, workplace, schools, and other public settings, as well as bringing awareness to the general public regarding Tourette syndrome.

Additionally, our network of resources allows us to help those most in need of living with Tourette Syndrome and it’s co-morbid conditions. Our support system will assist in overcoming challenges that are faced with the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of the condition. We will raise awareness and clear misconceptions about Tourette Syndrome. We look forward to the memories shared by hosting special events to fundraise and give back in support of our cause. We strive to see all individuals with Tourette syndrome become successful members of society.

“Everyone has the ability to express themselves and reach their full potential, some just need a little help to find the place where they can accomplish it.”

The purpose for which the foundation is formed is to aid and support individuals of all ages across the United States affected by Tourette Syndrome and their family members in coping with and overcoming obstacles and stigma associated with Tourette Syndrome and its comorbid conditions, and to optimize the quality of life, societal productivity and potential achievement of individuals living with Tourette Syndrome by:

  1. Understanding and analyzing the factors which contribute to health and social disparities among individuals living with Tourette Syndrome and identifying policies and practices which will help eliminate barriers to health and social productivity of, and will optimize the overall quality of life for, such individuals;
  2. Developing and providing, and partnering with organizations with purposes that compliment that of the Organization in their provision of, programs and resources designed to address the physical, psychological, social and emotional challenges of Tourette Syndrome through a variety of modalities including, where appropriate, therapeutic and/or experiential opportunities;
  3. Developing and providing programs and resources designed to educate the public on the causes and effects of, and potential treatments for, Tourette Syndrome, research efforts related thereto, and the impact of Tourette Syndrome on those with Tourette Syndrome and the public at large;
  4. Funding, supporting, and promoting research relating to Tourette Syndrome;
  5. Advocating for policy changes affecting the treatment of those with Tourette Syndrome in the workplace and in academic and other public settings; and
  6. Soliciting funding from organizations and individuals, and using and applying all or any part of the income therefrom directly to develop, provide, and support activities relevant to the Organization’s purposes.

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