Anthony Scarduzio

Executive Director


Anthony was born and raised on the north shore of Long Island, NY. Starting in kindergarten, he began feeling the constant urge to squeeze, tense, tighten, stretch, extend, and contract the muscles in his face, neck, arms, stomach, hands, and legs. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. Throughout his childhood, many different forms of tics manifested in his body as his extremities would flail around while he walked. In many instances, these tics caused self-destructiveness as he tried to subside the need to tic by biting, pinching, and even hitting himself for relief.

Tics also became a magnet for bullies, who pointed, stared, and mocked him. They would call him names, spit on him, throw things at him, and hit him. He was often embarrassed, singled out, avoided, and picked on. He became accustomed to being called an “animal”, “freak”, or “loser.” The school psychologist at his elementary school even suggested to his parents that he be best placed in a special school for low-functioning students. In addition to being bullied, one ignorant business owner asked him to leave his establishment, saying that Anthony was not welcome, due to looking and acting “differently.”

Since then, many situations have taught him to overcome the adversity of living with Tourette Syndrome, rather than letting it destroy him. After high school, Anthony went on to earn his A.A.S. in advertising and marketing with a focus in computer illustration and technical composition. He worked as an account executive for a major voice and data network company after graduating college. However, since then, and during his time in the corporate world, Anthony never felt truly fulfilled and has always felt that he should be doing more than earning a paycheck. He eventually decided to hang up his suit and tie and start a non-profit organization, enabling him to realize his passion in helping others who are living with what he has lived through.

Anthony is aware of the need for more advocacy groups in our country. In the news, there are endless stories of kids and young adults who often feel as if they have no means of support. This is the major reason for him founding this organization. To that end, Anthony sees himself as an advocate for people living with Tourette syndrome. Anthony’s ultimate goal is to see each and every individual with a neurological disorder become a successful member of society and reach their own personal potential.

Anthony's Message

This site is based on my personal experiences and challenges living with Tourette syndrome. Thus, has inspired the deep passion for helping others touched by TS. My hope is that we will touch others and make a difference.

I want to thank my family especially for their continued love and support throughout my life, for without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. To my friends and acquaintances, thank you for accepting me for who I am and never judging me because I have Tourette syndrome, and to all those who did the same for someone who has Tourette’s, thank you.

There is a lot of information about Tourette syndrome out there. Look around the web, as we encourage seeking knowledge. Here on our site, you will find a unique way of looking at Tourette’s and the importance of finding those with TS and their loved ones who are looking for a way to express themselves.

Most importantly, there are people from all walks of life who have Tourette’s syndrome and have accomplished many great things, many who have become famous and influenced the world in our history.

We hope that you will be inspired to join us in finding ways to embrace someone with TS and their loved ones and that they may touch your life as you share yours.